You decided to go solar. Now what? Whether you’re a home or commercial property owner, you have an easy 6 step solar journey ahead of you:

1. Consultation

Once you share your contact details with us here (link to lead form page) a Solar Advisor will contact you and assist you in beginning your solar journey. To begin, we start by asking you basic questions about your roof and help answer any questions you have about residential solar. We want to make sure you’re fully aware of the benefits and process of going solar.

2. Proposal

Depending on your individual situation, we can create several different options and recommend the best one for your situation to assist you on your solar journey.

3. Site Assessment

Once you have picked the right option for you, we will send a fully certified site assessment team out to your home to confirm the viability and take some readings to ensure that production.

4. Final Design

On the site assessment is complete and the project is ready to move forward our engineering team will create the final blueprint of the solar panels for permitting and IESO approval.

5. Installation

Once permits and IESO approval is complete, we will then move ahead with installation.

6. Final Inspection & System Activation

Your solar system is installed and inspected and online and the microfit program will start you money.