About Us

Aerialytic is on a mission to amplify solar adoption across the globe by improving the experience and instantly providing the homeowner with the information that matters most.

We are building a product that uses AI to automatically provide homeowners with a custom solar design and show them their financial and environmental returns from solar on the spot. Our product will also instantly show them exactly what their home will look like with solar using augmented reality.

In addition, we are a solar marketplace. To-date we provide homeowners with multiple quotes from reputable installers across select parts of Canada and the United States and ensure they are paired with the most financially and environmentally beneficial solar option at no cost.

Latest News

*Customer can save between 10-40% off their electricity bill. Rate savings are based on average savings across North America and will vary by utility, system production, usage habits, product type and other factors. Not every home will qualify for solar and will have savings between 10-40%.