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On average they’re saving between 10-30% on their electricity bill and protecting themselves from The United Illuminating Company electricity rate increases for the next 20 years.
Below is the estimated amount of money you could save over 20 years if you qualify:


$ 97,401.14


$ 76,712.80


$ 28,586.96

What is a solar lease?

A solar lease gives you the opportunity to go solar with as low as $0 upfront. It allows you to save on your electricity rates while reducing the risk of ownership by having a professionally managed, monitored and warrantied solar panel system that includes a production guarantee.
If you qualify for a lease agreement, a solar company agrees to fund the cost of the solar panel system, installation and maintenance and charges you a monthly fee for using the panels. The monthly lease fee (calculated in cents per kWh) along with your reduced electricity bill are your returns and savings from solar. In addition to immediate savings, a solar lease lets you lock in your electricity rates for 20 years protecting you from rate increases.
A solar lease is ideal for you if you want to save right away and don’t want to take on the risks of ownership.

How does a solar loan work?

When you take a solar loan it’s likely that you’ll have higher savings. You save on your cost of electricity and instead of just paying your electricity bill, you can put that money towards your loan. Once your panels are paid for, they will continue to produce free energy for your home.
Solar loans are becoming increasingly popular. One of the main benefits of buying your system is that you can be entitled to a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit along with state and utility rebates. In Connecticut there are low interest financing options as well as low interest loans such as the Energy Conservation Loan which provides eligible families with the ability to borrow up to $25,000 with interest rates between 0 and 6 percent. Furthermore, you may qualify for loans with $0 down. Additionally as a homeowner in Connecticut, the state provides a 100% sales tax and property tax exemption.
A solar loan is ideal for you if you are looking to start saving right away, want to own your system, and receive state and utility rebates and are looking to increase the value of your home.

What happens if I purchase solar?

With a solar cash purchase you’re likely to have the highest savings and avoid paying interest, however it requires you to pay for the entire system upfront.
With a cash purchase you are eligible for all of the local state and utility incentives including a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit and a solar rebate provided by the Connecticut Green Bank known as the Residential Solar Investment Program. The rebate allows you to save up to $5400 or $0.54 per watt on your panels up to a 10kW system.
A solar cash purchase is ideal for you if you have the upfront capital to invest in a solar panel system, are comfortable to maintain the panels yourself, want to increase the value of your home, and reap the benefits of local state and utility incentives.

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