Cleaner NRG Becomes Aerialytic & Re-brands

April 24, 2018: Aerialytic, previously known as Cleaner NRG, with a product called Elevle, has rebranded to Aerialytic to better align their brand identity with their mission.
At no cost to the homeowner, Aerialytic has been working with individuals across select parts of Canada and US to help educate and pair them with the most financially and environmentally beneficial solar option for their home.
While trying to best service homeowners, Aerialytic identified several challenges that both homeowners and solar sales companies across the industry face on an ongoing basis. This includes operational inefficiencies such as having to manually qualify every individual homeowner that inquires about solar, dealing with a large portion of homeowners that don’t qualify for solar (over 40%) and prolonged wait times to share custom designs that show homeowners what their financial and environmental benefit is from solar due to a backlog of design requests.
Aerialytic is on a mission to improve the experience of going solar by providing homeowners with a tool that instantly provides them with the information that matters most (click here to learn more).
Aerialytic is a customer facing app that uses AI to instantly provide homeowners with their financial and environmental returns from solar upon entering their address. It also automatically provides homeowners with a 3D model of their home with solar using AR to prevent unwanted surprises and addresses the aesthetic barrier to solar. All of which allows the homeowner to decide if solar is a right fit for them, financially, environmentally and aesthetically.
The name Aerialytic is inspired by how the technology works and what it provides to homeowners.

About Aerialytic

Aerialytic will continue servicing homeowners by educating and pairing them with the most financially, environmentally and aesthetically appealing option for them as they continue the development of their product set to launch in early summer 2018.
To reduce the friction of getting a solar quote, Aerialytic has created a solar estimator to help reduce the time it takes a homeowner to see their savings as they continue building out their technology that will automate this process.
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