Behind the Scenes of the Solar Sales Process & How We’re Improving it for Homeowners

Your neighbor John pays a lot for his home’s electricity and decided he wanted to look into understanding what his options are for getting solar panels on his roof. He did his research and is now ready to start contacting solar companies. The good news is that he made a decision that will positively impact his finances and the environment; the bad news is that he is about to embark on an outdated and inefficient process of getting multiple quotes for his home. While the technology itself is exciting, cutting edge, and forward thinking – the solar sales process is stuck in the dark ages.
Over 40% of homeowners, such as John, that inquire about solar unqualify due to reasons such as roof shade, orientation,usage, etc. Like all homeowners though, John is going to have to go through the following painful process to understand whether or not he qualifies, what his financial savings could be and how much this would impact the environment.
If John were to get a quote today, he’d have to go through the following process:
If John were to get a quote today, he’d have to go through the following process:
  • Submit interest for quotes online

    As a homeowner interested in exploring solar options for his home, John begins by submitting his contact details online expressing interest in being contacted by multiple solar companies. One popular way is to submit your interest through a web submission form on a solar sales website.
  • Prequalification process

    John’s first phone call with a solar sales company is focused on seeing if he pre-qualifies for solar panels prior to getting a custom solar design done. Multiple factors come into play in order to determine if his home is eligible including his roof’s orientation, shading, obstructions and his monthly average usage.
    Over 40% of homeowners that inquire will automatically unqualify due to some of these factors.
  • Schedule appointment to review design / quote

    John’s home passed the pre-qualification process! The solar sales company he was speaking with will now schedule a time and date for him to review a custom solar design created for his specific home with a Solar Advisor that will show him his savings and financing options.
    John will either review his custom solar design virtually with a Solar Advisor or one will come out to his home to go over the details in person.
  • Custom solar design presentation

    Based on the unique characteristics of your home, a solar advisor will walk you through a proposed design for the solar panels on your roof and present a quote on how much it will cost you depending on the financing options you were interested in exploring.
  • Repeat Steps 1-4 with other solar companies for multiple quotes

    Having received a quote from one company, John will need to repeat the manual qualification process and review steps with other companies in order to collect multiple options.
  • Choose Design & Payment Plan

    Once John is happy with a specific design and quote, he selects a financing option that works best for him and completes the preliminary paperwork. He is now one step closer to saving with solar and producing renewable energy for his home.
    As you can probably guess, the process to get multiple quotes from different companies as a consumer is tedious and long. John begins to get frustrated as getting multiple quotes from different companies is taking days.
    His initial enthusiasm for getting solar panels has been decreasing. In this case John is really interested in going solar, so he sticks through the process but in some cases homeowners completely lose interest at this point because of the time it takes to get multiple quotes.

The Aerialytic solution

This is where Aerialytic comes in. We recognized that this process needs to change to make it easier for homeowners such as John who want to save money and join the solar energy movement along the way. Built off an artificial intelligence backbone, we are developing a product that will take the process from multiple days to just seconds so that your neighbor John and you can instantly understand your potential solar savings and be able to see what a solar design would look like on your home using augmented reality. Additionally, John will be able to select a quote to move forward with from the comfort of his home.
As you can see, we are taking a tedious multi day process down to seconds.
We truly believe that with this product we can increase the rate of solar adoption by making the information gathering process for people like your neighbor John and yourself that much easier.
Heck it may even make it enjoyable!
We’re not live yet, but we are looking for homeowners that would be interested in getting a pre-release version of our product and join us on our mission to simplify solar! Sign up:
Bardia Andalib
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