Aerialytic Accepted into Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Federal Program

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – Aerialytic has been accepted into the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) Clean Tech Program. In partnership with the Consulate General of Canada, Aerialytic will work to expedite global solar adoption. The CTA Clean Tech Program operates in New York City, San Francisco and Denver.  In the coming months, Aerialytic will be supported through CTA by facilitating resources, contacts and potential partnerships within these cities and within the investment communities. Throughout the three-month program, ventures are provided with high level mentorship from experienced advisors in the Clean Tech sector.
The CTA is aimed at accelerating the successful growth of Canadian companies in global communities. Since 2013, the Canadian Technology Accelerators Initiative has served nearly 500 established companies, that have raised $408M in capital, generated $148M in new revenue, created 1900 new jobs and forged 836 new strategic partnerships. Only the highest potential companies with a unique technology, a strong team, and a serious market opportunity make it into this fiercely competitive global program.
About CTA
CTA Cleantech is an intensive program run by the Consulates General of Canada in New York and San Francisco that helps high-growth-potential clean tech companies. CTA Cleantech connects Canadian energy and environmental entrepreneurs with unique resources and contacts in Silicon Valley and New York City in order to springboard global growth.  Their support includes introductions to Fortune 500 companies, investors, government agencies, financing opportunities, mentoring sessions and business intelligence and advise.

About Aerialytic
Aerialytic aims to globally increase solar adoption by empowering the homeowner and giving them control of their solar journey. They seek to improve the solar purchasing experience for homeowners as well as increase the number of projects for solar installation companies through the use of artificial intelligence.
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