What We Do

Aerialytic is an object API for aerial and satellite imagery to provide large scale data analytics solutions for the renewable energy, home improvement, insurance and government sectors. We are leveraging artificial intelligence to strategically impact industries that would benefit from instant aerial analyses to enhance their sales process, simplify jobs and increase revenue.  

To begin, our technology is automating the residential solar design process to amplify adoption and decrease costs per acquisition.

Why We Do It

Our founders have worked in the solar industry and experienced first hand the frustrations and inefficiencies homeowners and solar installer were experiencing. They turned a problem into an opportunity to leverage their industry knowledge, technical know-how and marketing skills to build a solution for an industry they are passionate about and in doing so discovered there was a much larger opportunity for their technology.

Who We Are

Bardia Andalib, Co-Founder & CEO

Bardia has direct domain expertise working for a solar sales company where he was one of the top sales executives. He’s passionate about growing a successful company and sees every challenge as an opportunity to grow.

Veronica Malinski, Co-Founder & CMO

Veronica is an award winning marketer with 8+ yrs of startup, product launch and project management experience that loves yoga and vegan food.

How to Contact Us

175 Bloor Street East, #200
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3R8
335 Madison Avenue,
New York, NY
1-888-731-0571 | info@aerialytic.com